Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday July 24

Today is a state holiday and we aren't doing a thing to celebrate. Oh well we are still tired and cranky from our trip to the Great Salt Lake on Sunday.

Nathan has been asking to go to the beach for a few months now so I decided that taking him to Antelope Island would be the best we could do to get him to the beach. Well Nathan no longer desires a trip to the beach as our experience was horrible. First none of the kids like walking in the sand. Second after walking half the way to the lake in sand it changes to rough sand/dirt that feels like walking on the old time bottle caps with their sharp edges. After getting past that your back to a sandy type dirt thats still not fun to walk in. After making it to the water the boys didn't like the water which is salty and filled with lake fleas. Oh the crying they did so we headed back to the car. OMG it was worse going back then it was going down. None of the kids would walk and I was the only one who wore my sandals down to the lake so I was carrying Noah (all 40lbs of him) and Nathan, who is a good 8 lbs lighter. They screamed bloody murder the whole way and freaked out anytime I put them down, which was often as they were heavy. Once we made it back to the sand portion I thought Nathan could be encouraged to walk through it but the sand went up about 100 degrees while we spent 5 minutes at the water. The sand was so hot on our feet. By the time we made it back to the picnic area I was showing signs of heat exhaustion as was everyone else. All was not lost though we did see the buffalo (which they boys enjoyed) and some Antelope. Plus we went to the Fielding Garr homestead and the boys really enjoyed that. Next time I think we will go and plan on spending the day there as by the time we arrived we were all tired.


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fmandds said...

Where is this blog gone too?! I know your kids drive you batty still!