Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday May 30

Nathan today asked about our dog Cedes. He wanted to know where she was. I explained to him that she died Sunday but he didn't really understand. He kept asking if we could go and get her. I finally told him that we buried her in the front yard and he freaked out wanting us to go dig her up. Hopefully he'll forget about it over the next few days. I've found it quite hard to talk to him about it without crying myself and that just makes him cry harder. Our dog lived a long good life with us. She would have been 19 years old in October. I have so many memories and I'm crying everytime I think of them still. I know in a few weeks it will be easier and maybe then I can share some of the memories.

Sunday we took the boys to the Day out with Thomas. Although they enjoyed the train ride I honestly don't think they realized they were riding Thomas. I wish we had arrived earlier so we could have explained a little better. However they did have fun and I'm glad we took them. I think the biggest hit of the day was meeting Sir Topham Hat. Oh my gosh the three boys kept waving and talking to him. In fact the last 2 days they've mentioned him. I can't wait for my sister to share the pictures with us and damn my camera still being broken and not having been fixed yet. Zachary really liked the little petting zoo they had and had to touch every animal that was in there. Noah and Nathan loved the maze and Nathan mentioned going back to do the maze again.

The last two days have been nervewacking with the boys. I've lost my temper with them I don't know how many times. We've torn another 2 library books and I think I'm not going to let them get library books anymore for awhile. The twins have decided not to take naps which is driving me nuts because they really need them. The dirt hole has been the biggest attraction and we've had to give baths the last three nights. Noah is dumping stuff out like crazy and we've lost so many of my spices and flour and stuff because of it.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday May 20

Boy oh boy do my boys love the water. They love to play in it and they love to swim. Too bad mom doesn't share the love of water. We take them to the local aquatic center Monday mornings and Saturday mornings to swim after mom and dad work out. All the lifeguards love watching the boys, although they are quite daring in the water. They love to jump in and sometimes will jump when mom or dad isn't there to catch them. Nathan is becoming quite the little swimmer even if he can't seem to pass 2B lesson. The twins try to copy him and aren't far away from swimming themselves. They can't lessons at the pool yet because they aren't 3. The love going down both the little kids slide (which they can do themselves) and the older slide (which Don has to take them down). Getting them out of the pool is hard and usually results in lots of tears.

Warning to the locals: Don't go to Hungry Bear Pizza between noon-3 on Saturday's. The placewas very crowded and ran out of pizza on the buffet several times. I was so frustrated the whole time we were there.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tuesday May 8

Well Nathan was pretty sick. He had strep throat. He's all recovered now, back to fighting his brothers and dogs. He's still on antibodics but he'll be fine. He also had his first nosebleed, which may I say was not a fun experience.

Noah and Zachary and doing well. Both have a slight cough but other than that they are fine.

I think homeschooling the boys is going to be the way we go. Don has really jumped on the bandwagon and I'm having fun researching now that I know he's willing to consider it. I've joined the local homeschool group for support and ideas. Right now we are homeschooling things he'd be learning in preschool and its going well. I take his led right now, if he asks for school time we have school time. We are also reading every night before bed, about 5-10 books and thats about 30-45 minutes. His really enjoying the books (and the twins do too sometimes) and some of the books he can say the words before I get to them. I also stop and let his finish the sentences. Its not that he can read the words but he knows them after one or two times of me reading to him.

His favorite books right now:
Where the wild things are
Don't let the pigeon drive the bus
There was an old lady who swallowed a fly

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Monday May 1

I've decided to take Nathan to the doctor today. After listening to him wimper all day yesterday I just can't take anymore. He also took 3 naps yesterday which is so not like him. Last night he kept waking up every 5-10 minutes. He also was running a fever, 105 at one point. His stomach region was burning hot too and was 110.

Don got a nice taste of trying to watch three boys and do other things last night. Nathan was screaming about how he needed soda pop so I left to go buy him some and left all the kids with Don. When I came home before I even stepped into the house I could just sense that something had happened. I walk through the door and there's Noah waiting for me soaking wet with his Bug Juice (a kids drink). Noah has this stupid habit of spitting his drink out in a big spray and it appears he had fun while I was gone. Turns out he'd gotten the table and all the chairs wet too. But that was not the biggest mess in the house. Zachary (for the 4th time in the last 2 weeks) had opened the fridge and taken a dozen eggs out and proceeded to crack them all open all over the dining room floor. I don't get why he thinks its so much fun to crack the eggs open but he does. Don was livid. He was so upset. Honestly I got a good laugh since he's always saying to me "I don't get why you can't do stuff in the house, I never have problems with the boys when you are gone." Pay back is a bitch sometimes.