Wednesday, June 18, 2008

6/18 Part Two

Today I stared our daily science experiment and craft a day program. Basically this is to help me keep the kids entertained and to teach the kids something while they think they are playing. I used the book More Mudpie to Magnets and All Around the town craft book.

Today's Science experiment:
Floating Rainbows
The kids loved this. "More, more, more Mom," they hollered. The hardest part was the waiting for the food coloring to drop from the oil into the water. Overall this one was liked in our house.

Today's craft project:
Peek a Boo house
I should have prepped this one last night. The kids lost interest quickly as it took some time for me to get things ready for them to do. I think I may try this again tomorrow after I prep it some tonight.

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