Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11

So Noah found a cowboy hat at the yard sale we had a few weeks back and he claimed it as his. He wears it quite often and walks around telling everyone he is a cowboy. He gets Don's winter work boots out to wear as cowboy boots and rides the broom like a horse. About 2 weeks ago I tell him about cowboy music and he wants to hear cowboy music. I was picky and wanted real cowboy music not country music so I ended up introducing him to Chris Ledoux.

Chris Ledoux was one of my favorite singers, songwriter, and performer. I loved seeing him in concert and paid whatever the price to see him live. I played Cadillac Cowboy for Noah and he picked up the words the second time through. Watching him sing and perform to Cadillac Cowboy makes me so sad that he'll never see Chris in concert. I think he would have loved the show. I also would have loved to introduced him to Chris. I got to meet Chris once and you know I still remember our conversation. I remember how he took the time to talk to me and even got upset when his manager tried to hurry me through. The world lost a great person the day Chris LeDoux died. Now I watch Noah sing Chris Ledoux songs and in a small way he reminds me of Chris. He totally gets into singing the songs. We were in the grocery store the other day and Cadillac Cowboy came on the intercom. Noah stopped walking and starting singing and doing his moves to the song. He had people stopped in their tracks watching him and one even said he'd bet money that Chris would have loved to see a little 3 year old belting out one of his songs.

I'm on a quest now to replace all my lost Chris Ledoux albums. I noticed that there was a new album out that includes a dvd so I think I'll purchase that next. I think Noah would really love watching Chris in action.

God bless Chris Ledoux!


Sherri said...

I love Chris too!!! I was so sad when he died.

Norah said...

I know it was a sad day when I heard the news. He was a great man and he left this world way too soon.

Sherri said...

Great new look!!!

Norah said...

Thanks. And thank you for showing me the blog where I found the template.