Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I've been a busy little critter. Between crafts, science projects, and our other typical daily stuff the boys and I have been a little busy. The boys have also been helping me grow a vegetable garden this year. We started several plants indoors and then moved them outside. We also planted carrots, which are a favorite of the boys. Yesterday we were rewarded with our first grown tomato of the season. Now granted it was tiny and a cherry tomato but the boys loved looking at the yellow tomato they grew. None wanted to try it so mom ate it and it was delicious. I can't wait for more.

The boys are getting even better at the bird watching in our yard. They can identify several species of birds and they help keep the bird feeders filled with each birds favorite type of food. Its so much fun watching them get excited over the birds.

Noah is pretty much potty trained now too. Again I have to say my approach to the potty training has saved me so much stress. He still forgets every once in awhile about pooping but otherwise he's doing great. It's going to seem weird not having to buy a huge box of diapers each month. We still use diapers at night although if they want to wear underwear to bed I let them. We haven't had an accident yet but I'm so scared of an accident happening.

Last night we went to the Syracuse Hertiage Days dinner and magic show. While the food wasn't too impressive, and how can it be when its massed produced, it was fun. The boys throughly enjoyed the magic show. Syracuse had a great turnout for the night. It makes me wonder why my city, Clearfield, can't do something like this. I was asked to join the 4th of July committee for Clearfield but after being told every idea I had wouldn't work I lost interest and dropped out. Honestly if Syracuse and do a week long celebration and have the turn out they did last night each night then I think Clearfield could draw the same amount if not more people. I hate the city I live in. They really don't do much to bring the city together like I see the other cities around us doing.


Sherri said...

Syracuse does do good things!! It's their parade on Saturday? Kaysville has a parade but it sucks!! It's just a big water fight.

Norah said...

I think it is on Saturday. They are having a kids parade tonight.

Chantel Murrah said...

Congrats on the potty training. I have to admit... I'm DREADING that part of motherhood!!!