Monday, August 25, 2008


Well tomorrow is the first official day of school for Nathan. I know I said I was going to homeschool him but in the Don and I decided to apply for a charter school and he was accepted. Nathan is enrolled in the Utah Virtual Academy which is an online based public school. They use the K12 curriculm which is a pretty good program. We won't have the flexibilty we would have had with an actual homeschooled child but we get education materials for free.

Today we received about 1/2 of our materials for the courses. I've been going crazy because everything has been so late coming. I'm not one to bounce into something until I feel comfortable and the delay has been making me very uncomfortable. But as I said we did receive about 1/2 of our materials today. And the OLS (online school) is finally working so I was able to go in and see what all we will be doing. I was able to organize some of what I had for the classwork for tomorrow. I'm really excited to get started and watch my child learn.

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Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

That's cool!!! You'll have to keep me posted. Micayla had her "test" with her teacher today. It went pretty good. Mic was nervous!!! She did great!!