Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yesterday was the field trip to the museum at Hill Air Force Base. We've been here several times in the past so I was worried that the kids would want to rush quickly and be done. They were in a hurry to run back to the pilot seat in the far back of the museum. They love to play on the seat and yesterday there was no one back there so they spent a good 20 minutes playing on it. We did go into the education center which was the first time we had ever been in there. We were allowed about 30 minutes since we went as a class field trip. The education center was a blast. I highly recommend going when they have the education center open to the public. They had activities for the young ones to learn about airplanes and stuff for the older kids. However the highlight for the boys:
Dressing up in pilot suits and getting to sit in a cockpit. I included a few pictures of the boys dressed up and in the cockpit.
Overall it was a fun school activity for the day.

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Megan said...

What a great idea. My kids would love that. I should take them there.....maybe not this week. We have a bug. Stay away! LOL!