Friday, January 9, 2009

School Work 1/12-1/16

learn that addition is the joining of two groups into a combined group continued from last week

continue to work on sight words and sounds

Language arts-
The Huckabuck Family
poem To a Forgetful Wishing Well
The Ox Cart Man
poem A Small Discovery

Learn that the 50 states make up the United States
start to become familiar with some major features of our country

practice lower case letters
Handwriting without tears Kindergarten book


Megan said...

So, are you liking the "Handwriting without Tears" book? I am envisioning some tears with my son next year when he officially. I am kinda worried! :)

Norah said...

I like the Handwriting without tears in some ways and in some ways I really don't. I started Nathan with the prek book and it did capital letters. Now with the kindergarten book, which teaches lower case letters, he prefers writing in capital letters and really struggles with the lower case. If I had it to do over, and I will with the twins, I'd start with the kindergarten book and then do the prek book.