Monday, March 2, 2009

Back from Disneyland Part IV

Over at California Adventures there were a few rides for the kids. We started at It's a Bugs Life but Zach freaked out waiting for the show to begin so we headed for Toy Story Mania. In case you forgot my kids are huge toy story fans. They loved this Mr. Potato Head who is outside the toy story mania ride. He talks to you and I think the kids could have sat there for hours with him. After standing in line for about ten minutes the ride breaks down and they tell us they are not sure if it will be up and running again that day.

Noah wanted to ride the King Triton carousal so we got in line for it. All the kids really liked the ride. We finally broke down and let them buy a toy at the shop near the toy story mania ride. After that is was slow going for the boys. I wanted to stick around to watch the parade so we went to the plaza to just sit and kill a hour. While there we saw Minnie Mouse and the kids had fun meeting her. If you don't notice in the picture Noah is peeking over the top of Minnie Mouse.

I'm so glad we stuck around for the parade. It was short but it had so many of the kids favorite characters in it. The best part was Buzz pointing out to Noah who was trying his hardest to get his attention and Woody lasering with Zach.

After a very long day at parks we headed back to our hotel. We decided to try a place called Captain Kidds for dinner. That was a huge mistake as I was sick most of the next day.

Stay tuned for our second day in the parks.

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