Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back from Disneyland Part V

Second day in the park was an early entry day for us since we were staying at a Disney hotel. The lines were long to get into the park. I'd been dragging the kids around quickly the day before and all of us were tired and cranky so I decided to let them set the pace for today. Right through the doors everyone was rushing to be first in line to the rides but the kids spotted Mickey Mouse and we walked right up to him. Next we spotted Pluto and the kids loved watching him autograph the books on his nose.

We headed to fantasyland and the boys wanted to ride the carousel so we did that first. Zach spotted the Dumbo ride and wanted to ride that so we headed there next. After standing in line a few minutes Zach starts to freak out but we forced him to ride and he had fun. I let Zach pick next and he wanted to ride the tea cups. He loved that ride. I really wish I would have taken him a few times but I got so sick again on the ride. We rode a few more rides in fantasyland then headed to Mickey's toontown.

Nathan and Noah wanted to ride the Gadget Go Coaster so Don took them on that. I have a pretty cool picture of that I'll post later. After letting them tour toontown awhile we decided to take a break and head back to the hotel.

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