Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some random thoughts on television

I use to love watching Jon and Kate plus Eight. I've now moved it to the I no longer watch the show file. At first the show was cute and refreshing. Now days I find myself acting like Kate, which is my opinion is not good, and just plain getting upset at Kate. So here our my random thoughts on the show:

Why are boys icky? Kate constantly talks about how icky boys are. The boys have rules that the girls do not. She allows the girls in the boys room but boys are not allowed in the girls room. She always makes faces when she talks about her boys. It just really bothers me that she finds the boys so much more disgusting than girls.

Why won't she allow the kids to be kids? The cupcake episode was my turning point. The show started going down hill then. I just don't get why she'd dress the kids up really nice to take them to decorate cupcakes. The utter disgust she had towards the whole outing was apparent and I felt horrible for the shop owner who opened up just so Kate's family could enjoy the afternoon. She's also always worried about them playing in the grass because she can't handle grass stains.

The taking the kids to see the new house show bothered me too. They were there for about five hours to show the kids the new house yet instead of showing the kids the house she spends over four hours cleaning the fridge.

The going to get a dog show bothered me too. She would not allow the kids to name the dogs because she did not want to call them some stupid name for years to come. Her kids were plainly upset that they did not get to help pick the names.

The reason I am no longer watching is I find myself acting like her. I sometimes have a very short temper when it comes to the kids just like Kate. I find myself belittling my husband the way she does. So as much as I love watching the train wreck each week for the sake of my family I need to give up the bad influence that Kate is.


Megan said...

I feel the same way! I have not watched that show for quite awhile, and when I did, I watched infrequently. She is so mean to her husband and he is mean back. I don't like that one bit. I have not noticed her being nicer to the girls, but it does not surprise me at all. I did see one episode where they went somewhere that had things for the kids to do, like color with MARKERS. Heaven forbid. She would not let any of them even touch a marker. Several of them were crying their eyes out. It was so sad. She is so afraid of them getting dirty, it is just crazy. Let them be kids!

I say, good for you for noticing something you'd like to change and doing something about it. Way to go!

I wish more people would quit watching that show!

Norah said...

I know. Kids are meant to be dirty at times. I can't figure out why she ever wanted kids in the first place. She acts so inconvenienced by them 90% of the time. I've also noticed she claims to dislike being filmed yet she has not told them to stop the show. Why, if the taping causes you so much stress as she claims, would you keep doing it? Oh and the yard sale episode really showed her true colors too.

KMJ said...

I agree with you completely. You put my thoughts and feelings into words.