Sunday, August 9, 2009


Just a vent for today. Why do his friends think it is perfectly alright what they did? Why is it that it's okay that they went behind a spouses back to plot an affair and now they should not be made to feel bad, according to their friends? What really makes me sick is that not one of the friends the two of them hung out with during that week said one thing to them about carrying on with each other when one was married? I just have this feeling that the friends are laughing behind my back about how they pulled the wool over my eyes. Who knows how long I have been laughed at but its becoming obvious that others knew what was going on weeks before the actual time it happened. Not one of them felt I should be told of what they were suspecting? Again its truly disgusting that people my husband considers friends did not try to stop what was going on. Oh yes I've heard all the details lately, not from him but from some anonymous chicken who keeps emailing me, about the way they acted from the beginning in NY and how they it was pretty obvious to anyone near them what was going on. And yet not one of these "friends" had the guts, nerves, or even common decency to remind them that one of them was married. Nope I do not think I could ever talk to any of his friends from his hometown without feeling hatred towards them. I am also having trouble thinking his facebook "friends" are even worth trying to be nice to cause again I really have a hard time believing not one of them ever suspected something.

I realize some of his friends read this blog and I hope they realize how disgusted I am with some of them. There is no way I can consider someone a friend when they helped two people covered up something that everyone involved knew was not the right thing to be doing.


amazz said...

That's terrible. Truely disgusting. I'm so sorry, Norah!! {hug}

Chantel said...

I'm so sorry Norah. Hang in there.

Kadee said...

If you need anything let me know.