Monday, August 17, 2009

Davis County Fair 2009

Different post than what I have been posting but we had so much fun at this years county fair I just had to post about it. We saved money all month long to let the kids do everything they wanted at this years fair and boy did they do everything they wanted to.

Zachary riding the bull. Surprisingly he stayed on for the entire ride.

Noah riding the bull. He was scared to start and ended before his time was up.

Nathan riding the bull. He rode for about a 1/4 of the ride and then wanted off.

This swing ride was very popular with the boys. I believe the twins rode this about 5 times. The ride that Nathan really liked I did not get a picture of. I was very surprised that Nathan would ride it though.

Zachary riding the pony. This has been a favorite thing to do two years in a row now.

Nathan on the pony ride.

Noah had the biggest pony and he was sure proud of the fact!

1st place on my cookie entry. Funny because I had not planned on doing cookies and at the last minute I decided to make them. Recipe will be up on my food blog later today.

Second place on my rustic dinner rolls. Recipe is up on my food blog already.

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Chantel said...

What a fun day. Congrats on the ribbons!!!