Saturday, August 29, 2009


It's been awhile since I updated but life has been really crazy.

After a few tumbles with Don it looks like things are starting to improve. Can't say I trust him too much yet but I don't feel like I have to watch every little thing that he does. I'll update more about us later.

Nathan started 1st grade. Yes we are doing the UTVA again this year but I am seriously beginning to think I should try building my own curriculum next year if we decide to homeschool again. Next year he'd be subjected to ALL the testing of the state and it means that schooling will start to cater to those tests instead of actual learning. But for now we are happy. I HATE the music program and have decided to replace that with a music curriculm that is geared more towards our style of learning. We are having fun and he is learning.

Noah and Zachary are still doing the Waterford preschool program at home. They are learning so much through this program and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a simple homeschool preschool program.

Our garden is going nuts and its been hard to keep up with all the produce. Add in the factors of me being really sick with a summer cold and now possibily dislocating or spraining my ankle I worry about what will happen to all our produce. The boys are going to be selling pumpkins this year so when it comes time to get your Halloween pumpkins remember us!


Chantel said...

I usually get my pumpkins from my mom but she said her's are having a hard year so if they don't perk up I'll come get some from the boys!!!

KMDuff said...

Hugs, you seem to be a strong woman handling this with grace. My mom gave me the music program stuff from my little bro in 4th grade and it was horrid, so I agree with you there. I think their violin lessons are much more useful.