Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Monday March 12

We were going to take the boys to the daycare at the gym and then swimming but they were still so tired from the musuem yesterday we let them sleep in. After they woke up we went to do a few errands.

We took all 3 boys into the produce stand for the first time. The twins were running around exploring. They loved all the candy they have there too. When they were picking apples Noah kept trying to eat the apples as they went into the bag.

Afterwards I decided to leave the twins in the car with Don while Nathan and I ran into the grocery store for some needed items. Nathan tried to talk me into buying everything he saw.

When we got home Don waited until the twins were taking their nap then he left to workout. Nathan decided that it was spring and he needed his sandals. I went and found his Buzz sandals but they were a little small on him. Plus Noah was fighting Nathan for the sandals. So when Don came home we went to buy sandals for the boys.

First stop Target. As we pull into Target's parking lot Nathan announces he wants Cars sandals and that's all he wants. Of course Target had no Cars sandals. Noah wanted the Thomas the train sandals and Zach could care less at the time so I picked up some Buzz sandals for him. We actually got out of Target without buying toys.

Next we went to Mervyn's for Cars sandals. They had some but none in Nathan's size. I had them call around but none of their other stores had any.

Off we went to Payless and we scored. Nathan was so happy. As we walked out of the mall with our new sandals on he claimed he could run faster. Back out in the car Don tells me that Zach won't wear his sandals.

Oh well!

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