Saturday, March 10, 2007

March 10th 2007

We took the boys to daycare at the Aquatic center today. Don went to workout and I spent a few minutes in the open house for home based businesses then I went to work out. Afterwards we picked the the boys up and took them swimming.

Zachary and I were not the first into the pool, as we usually are. Noah and Nathan had made it to the pool before we emerged from the locker room. Don never makes it out before they do. Oh well, I guess Zach and I need to dress faster. They sure had fun today. Noah and Nathan made trips down the big slide with Don and Zach got to play on the steps.

After swimming we went to the library where Nathan banged another car with the door. The people were furious and insisted on filing a claim with our insurance. There were no movies that the boys wanted and I don't think they were too happy.

We went to lunch at a new place called Hog Wild. Pretty tasty food but the kids didn't eat anything, as usual. After I went into Target to get Nathan some "big" boy puzzles.

The twins stayed asleep when we got home and Nathan played with his new puzzles. Nathan received a call from his cousin Hunter and just can't understand why he couldn't just run and play with him. We did invite Hunter to the musuem with us tomrrow so we will see.

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