Thursday, March 8, 2007


Wow what a day! The twins have decided they don't need naps although they can't quite make it through the day without one. They sure can be cranky when they haven't had a nap.

The day was nice enough that the kids went outside to play. All three of them played without fighting. They really enjoyed digging in the dirt hole we made them last year. Even Tanner, the dog, helped with the digging. I really wish the weather would get nice and stay nice so the boys can play outside most of the day.

The Backyardigans Yeti episode was on today and the boys really love that one. The run around yelling "Yeti, Yeti, Yeti" for hours after watching it.

We were going to take the boys to the grocery store yesterday but with them missing their naps I didn't want to deal with crankiness at the store. Good thing we didn't as they took a nap while I was at the store.

We had a few troubles getting them to sleep but mostly I think the problem was because they had such a late nap.

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