Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday March 11

Today we took the boys to the Utah Childern's Musuem. This was our first time going to this musuem and they had so much fun. There was so much to do and it seemed like we'd never get to all of it.

First stop in the musuem was the Beehive. You could play with plastic balls and they had different ways to play with them in the Beehive. Noah and Zachary really enjoyed this. Out near the Beehive was a big music place and all 3 boys loved playing the music.

Next they went into the construction area. In their they have tools, blocks, hard hats and such for kids to play with. They loved trying to build things with the blocks but I think the favorite spot for Zachary was next to the crane pulling up the platform.

The also had a pretend house. The twins loved playing in the kitchen setup but Nathan barely even looked at it.

They had a really nice water feature that was a HUGE hit with Nathan. The twins loved it too. All three boys really love water so you know this was a big big hit.

They loved the pretend store and farm. All three of them got to ride the house. They had cars for the boys to play in too.

Upstairs was fun too. The boys like the helicopter and enjoyed playing in that. They all took turns doing a newscast.

There was so much to do that I know we didn't do most of them. We bought a family membership so we'll go back and enjoyed the musuem again without feeling like we have to look at everything.

Here's a link if your interested in what the musuem is like:

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