Thursday, October 9, 2008


Winter is coming. I'm not thrilled. The boys are not going to be happy cooped up inside during the winter. I'm not going to be happy dealing with cranky kids who are constantly fighting because of close quarters. But I am thrilled that the holidays are coming. All of my kids are finally old enough to "get" the holidays. They've been so thrilled seeing everyone's Halloween decorations and they begged me to get some for our house. Now I have to admit I use to go all out decorating for the holidays but several years ago someone kept stealing my decorations and I lost all interest in decorating the outside. The boys have convinced me to buy a few decorations and although our house doesn't look as neat as some other homes the boys are happy with what we've done. So now I just have to convince Don to go all out on decorating the house for Christmas. Mr Scrooge himself. I wonder if I will be able to convince him to put up some lights this year.

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