Thursday, October 23, 2008


I voted yesterday. Funny thing was I wanted to vote early to avoid lines since I'd be dragging the kids along with me and I still stood in line. I guess the lines were probably shorter than any line I would have stood in on election day but I didn't expect to have to wait in line. I stood in line just to get to the election clerks desk for about 35 minutes. After that I had about a 5 minute wait for a voting machine. Overall a much shorter wait than I'd expect on election day though.

Nathan has moved on to the continent of Asia. Tuesday we learned about China and made a dragon boat. Today we finish our tour of China. I think he really enjoyed the activities we did for China. Also in reading he's been reading the complete stories of Peter Rabbit. Yesterday we read about Benjamin rabbit and afterwards made some cute little puppets. All three boys enjoyed making the puppets and then acting out little scence from the story. In the end they just started making up new stories because they were having so much fun.

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