Monday, October 20, 2008


Instead of our usual pumpkin patch pictures we have these. Mainly because these were free from our csa. They aren't as cute as a huge pile of pumpkins with kids climbing all over them but I have to say the kids had way more fun picking pumpkins here then they ever did at the big pumpkin pile. First watching the boys run through the patch was funny. They kept tripping over the vines. Second Noah kept yelling "Mine is going to be the biggest one ever", and then he'd pick one and change his mind. Third Nathan walked all the way through then decided he wanted the first one he saw but couldn't remember where it was. Fourth Zachary wanted the biggest ever pumpkin and ended up with one the size of a pie pumpkin. All in all it was fun and the kids are still talking about it.
Nathan just finished learning about the continent of Europe. He mailed postcards today to family about the countries he learned. If you receive one please give him a call. He was so excited to mail them and he took forever to pick the perfect picture and country for each person.


Megan said...

How funny! That looks like the patch off of Antelope near it? What is csa? Free pumpkins is awesome! I am dreading forking out $15 for pumpkins. I like to have fun, but it just seems like such a waste! My kids are all taking turns being sick. My youngest has a fever now and I took my oldest to Wee Care yesterday morning. We'll get together someday......:)

Norah said...

Actually it the location was on Gentile across from Day's Farm. I think the address was 2293 West Gentile street. A CSA is community supported agriculture. Basically you pay for a share of a farm's goods. In our case we paid back in Feb and then around the end of June through the second week of October we picked up fresh produce once a week.