Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday June 15

Well it was our anniversity today and we didn't do anything. We were going to get take out from our favorite Greek place but my father called and wanted us to join him at the KFC up the street up from our house. He wanted to try the buffet. I couldn't find the heart to tell him their buffet is gross so we went. I don't think Don was too happy but we can get greek for lunch tomorrow and it will be cheaper. We got tons of stares because of our "triplets." I really wish people wouldn't stare, I have no problem talking about it but I just hate people staring.

We went walking again today and what a chore that was. First Nathan and Zachary didn't want to wake up and I almost left them sleep but decided I needed to go so I wouldn't slack off. Then Nathan didn't want to go. After finally getting everyone up and ready we made it to the park. The boys did better today than they have been doing but it still was a challenge. I can't wait for the day that they finally get it.

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