Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday June 8

Happy Birthday to me!!!!! Lets see, well today was a much better day then yesterday. I was willing to give my kids away yesterday but today they were back to their cute selves and if you can believe it there was no climbing today. YIPEE!!!!

Nathan was quite upset today when he found out it was my birthday. He wanted to know if his Aunt Mary made me a cake and he I told him no he insisted we make a cake ourselves. We made a cake from scratch and it actually turned out pretty good. It was quite ugly as we had a very kids who were in a big hurry to frost and decorate but its the thought that counts, right? Nathan also dumped all his toys out and picked out some "gifts" for me and wrapped them in towels to present to me. Honestly I have to give the kid credit for wanting to make sure his mom had a good day today. I heard him tell Zachary to not bug mom its her birthday.

We've been without internet for 36 hours. Honestly I was stressed about it but now I think I should have internet free days every couple of days. I got alot of things done in those 36 hours.

I asked Don about enrolling Nathan in a preschool program but he things we should homeschool to see if homeschool him through elementary will work for us. I think it will but I have my doubts every now and then. We had music/art day today and we really enjoyed it. I checked out a book from the library that had music on cd that tied in with famous art and we listened and looked. All three boys enjoyed it and Noah led the orchestra.

Going back to my birthday, can you believe my husband left me home tonight so he could VOLUNTEER his services to his work. No takeout from a favorite resturant for my birthday, no instead I ordered crappy pizza from a crappy place and wasted my free calories on crappy tasting food. Whatever, I'll get over it but right now I'm pissed.

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