Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday June 18

Well I've gained 8 lbs in the last month. So instead of losing weight I'm gaining. This sucks. Almost makes me want to stop exercising since its not helping.

Today we go to the gym. We drop the kids off in daycare and head for the weight room. We workout a little then Don says I don't think parent-tot time is happening in the pool today which I know I've told him is over until summer is over. So he goes and looks at the time for swimming and comes back and says "Public swimming doesn't start until 1pm." For most this would not be a big deal but our boys love swimming so this was going to be hard when we needed to pick them up by 11am. So after doing weights I say to Don I want to go to the hot tub for awhile but he says to me we need to pick up the boys. I tell him to go change and I'd go get the boys and met him in the lobby. Guess what he did? He went to the hot tub and sat there for 20 minutes while I struggled with the boys in the lobby. He claims he didn't hear me say I was going to get the boys yet he's the one who said we needed to go get the boys. Whatever. I'm pissed and still pissed even 3 hours after it happened.

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