Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday June 14

Finally got back to walking today. I woke the boys up early and off we went to the city trail to walk. Again the boys wanted to walk and then before we were done with our route they wanted to go to the playground. I ended up strapping them into the stroller and listened to them scream bloody murder for another 15 minutes before taking them to the playground. Hopefully the more we walk the more they will realise that I'm not going to let them play until we get some walking done. On another note some stupid idiot thought the trail was a ROAD and was angry at me and others for walking on the road. It took him almost 10 minutes before he left the trail with his car. Yes he was driving down the trail in his car. Next time I'll call the cops as both Don and my father were upset that I didn't.

Today Nathan worked on his "homework" and worked on the numbers 1-5. He does really good but he really needs to work on writing. He stinks. I'll have to look around and see what type of handwriting curriculm I can find. I hear that the Handwriting without tears is a good program. I wish I could get him interested in the process of learning to read. He seems quite happy just memorizing books from me reading to him but I really want him to start reading the words. We are starting the Earth school Bug curriculm this week. This covers reading, math, pe, and several other areas. The books she suggested are big hits right now with the boys so this should be a fun few weeks.

Zachary and Noah have been boogers about sleeping the last few days. They want to watch tv late at night instead of sleeping. Guess they forgot that mom declared television after 9 pm has to be shows mom wants to watch. Tonight Zachary about croaked from not being able to watch his show.

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Michelle said...

A lot of boys have delays in fine motor skills (both of my boys did). I'm planning to use "Handwriting without Tears" but be careful not to rush things. They'll enjoy the learning process more if they aren't forced to do what they're not ready for yet. Let them color a lot to help them start to develop those skills.