Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday June 18 Part Two

I just have to share a Nathan funny. We were at the swimming pool late this afternoon and Nathan and I are standing outside the locker room waiting for the twins and Don when a lady with a little boy about age one walks by. Nathan says to the lady "Hi I'm Nathan. Why do you only have one baby? We have two, Noah and Zachary." The lady was nice and asked him if he had two younger brothers and Nathan said "No I have two babies named Noah and Zachary, why do you only have one?" The lady said "Oh do you have twin brothers?" Nathan said "Yes and we are having three more!" So the lady turns to me and says "Did I hear that correctly, your having triplets after having twins?" So I had to explain how Nathan doesn't quite grasp the concept of other people only having babies one at a time.

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