Monday, October 1, 2007

October 1

Well I finally made it back to the doctors to check on my leg. It's officially a broken leg, I broke the fibula bone. My doctor's appointment was at 10:15 and we left the clinic just before 1:30. The boys did okay with the long wait and delay. Of course, as usual, we were asked if they were triplets about 1000 times. The nurse in our peds office ran into us and laughed. Everyone in the peds office pool lost in the bet on who would have the first broken bone.

All three boys are becoming quite aggressive towards each other. I'm not sure how to handle this. I'm hoping its a stage and they quickly outgrow it. I also think that some of it stems from the fact all three are very close in age. I have to say I feel like I'm losing my temper with them when they start fighting.

I really think I need to get Nathan back into feeding therapy. We left a few months ago but he's going downhill in his eating and right now I can't get him to eat anything. I should have taken him downstairs for a weight check today but didn't think to till after we were home. I'd be shocked if he weighed more than 30 lbs. You can tell he is losing weight again.

Noah has learned how to use the mouse on the computer and now demands to play on the computer. I'm guessing Zach isn't far behind. I see a new computer in the not to distant future.

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