Monday, October 15, 2007

October 15

I have something that the military would pay big money for, what is it? I have a child whose screeching can drive someone insane. I really think they could use him to break any person they want information from. His screeching is so bad now I can barely make it one minute before I'm insane. It's so bad his brothers plug their ears with their fingers and cry. Plus he does it so much during the day by evening his voice is hoarse. Don't even get me started on the whining. At least he doesn't throw temper tantrums like his twin. I don't know which is worse the twin who screechs so loud your ears rings for hours or the twin who body slams his body to the ground in a temper tantrum.

We took the boys swimming today for the first time since the end of August. The boys had so much fun and really enjoyed being back in the pool. We had the pool basically to ourselves and most of the lifeguards remembered the boys. Each boy went down the big slide with dad twice and none had any troubles getting back into the jump and swim back to the edge of the pool. We were only asked three times if they were triplets, pretty low amount since Saturday we were asked ten times. The best part of the sixty minutes of swimming, no screeching from Zachary!

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