Sunday, October 21, 2007

October 22

We took the boys to the Boo-naza at the aquatic center last night and they had lots of fun. Although I think Noah had more fun playing in the snow while we waited for everyone to come out of the house. All kinds of little kid games for the kids to play. Noah got in line to play a game where you roll the balls and try to get your ball to go into the slot where the bull's eye is. He watched the older kids roll the balls slowly and gently and on his turn he was very careful about rolling his balls. He hit the bull's eye not once but twice. It was so funny to watch him study the older boys and than do what they did. Zachary enjoyed the little minature golf range they had and was quite serious about hitting the ball with the club. Nathan, on the other hand, was bored after the first hole and would pick his ball up and move it as close as he could to the cup and than hit it with the club. Noah didn't do this activity because he went to see the live snake show. All three boys loved the big blowup obstacle course.

A few holiday crafts I forgot to mention in the other post:
Pillowcase ghost- I gave each kid a while pillowcase that I had cut out arm holes and eyes and let them paint the case with fabric markers.
Halloween scene- Gave each child a huge piece of white fabric and paint. I told them to paint a Halloween scence on the fabric.

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