Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 10

I'm getting really bad at updating this blog.

The boys are getting better at not fighting although they still have their moments. The weather is starting to change and it's going to be quite hard when they can't go outside to burn off excess energy. They do have the big room in the basement for a playroom but for some reason they won't play for long down there. I really need to make it a point to spend time with them downstairs until they get use to it. I think having a television or something downstairs would help.

So this took me two days to get back to writing. Right after I started writing this I noticed that the house was very quiet. All three boys climbed the fence and went into the front yard to build brick houses.

We took the boys on the 10th to the pumpkin patch. Basically its a little roadside place that has a huge pile of pumpkins for people to buy. I took several pictures although not one as good as in the past. All the boys wanted to do was to climb and play on the pumpkins. When we finally told them it was time to buy our pumpkins Nathan wanted an 83 lb pumpkin. Don refused to buy him a pumpkin that big and Nathan cried for about 10 minutes. We all ended up with pumpkins that were about 15-20 lbs plus several of the really small ones. I'll post pictures later.

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