Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 14

We took the boys to Black Island Farms yesterday for their Halloween activities. This place was a little pricer than most of the nearby corn mazes but so worth the money. We went with Aunt Mary, Aunt Crystal, cousin Hunter, and Grandma. We had planned on meeting at 2:45 but it was raining when everyone arrived so we went and had dinner first. We made it back to the farm around 5 pm. The parking lot was so muddy but once inside it wasn't so muddy.

First stop the corn maze. I had planned on taking the kids into the little kids maze but everyone else had other ideas. We ended up doing one of the bigger mazes and all four kids had fun. They took turns making suggestions as to which way to go and they didn't fight once. I'd say we were in the maze for at least 45 minutes. After we made it out of the maze we let the kids play in the kiddie corral. They had a pumpkin bounce house, straw fort to climb on, corn box (instead of a sand box), a tire garden, a cow and pig train ride, big slides, animal alley, and pig races. Each activity was so much fun for the kids. Zach's pig won the first round of the pig race. Next we did the hay ride. The boys didn't seem to like the ride but loved picking out a pumpkin in the patch.

I highly recommend this place if you live near it:

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