Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 25

So my broken bone is healing, although its not 100% healed. I don't have to wear the brace unless I'm going to be doing alot of walking or standing on my leg. I'm suppose to see the doctor in another four weeks to be sure it has healed 100%.

The boys are getting excited for Halloween. Nathan wakes up every morning asking if it's Halloween day yet. Now I'm sure the excitement is not from the actual holiday but instead because I bought Buzz Lightyear wings for the boys to wear. And laser finger pointers for them too. I really don't think they remember walking door to door getting candy and at this point I really don't think they care. All they want is their costumes.

Nathan gave up his naps at 22 months, not long after the twins came home. He never had a problem with giving up his naps and he will take one when he needs one it just never was a requirement of his. Noah gave up naps around 13 months of age when he realized his older brother didn't take naps. He had a hard time and ended up napping about every other day. Again he didn't really have a hard time at giving up his naps. Zachary has needed naps from day one. And now 2 months shy of three years of age he has given up his naps and everyday is pure torture. He still needs to take a nap but you can't convince him to take one. Personally I can't take anymore of his tiredness. I've decided that his screeching are his form of telling me he's tired. However I can't get him to take a nap. I've tried everything but he is totally against it. Tuesday night I did get him to bed around 9p.m. (all of our boys usually stay up till about 10pm) and Wednesday he slept until about 9 a.m. and was quite pleasnat for half of the day. The other half of the day started the screeching again. I did get him to take one hour Wednesday after and just sit down and take it easy but it didn't make him fall asleep. Last night I was able to get him to bed around 7:45pm and he was asleep by 8pm so hopefully today will be much better. It's almost 10am and he is still asleep. I think the poor kid has been so tired for awhile and just really needed to catch up on sleep. Guess I'll find out as the day goes on today.
Funny, though, how each child is so different when it comes to sleep.

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