Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October 16

Not an update of anything but I wanted to write down some of the crafts we've done for Halloween so far:
1. Pumpkin patches- made from modeling clay that we painted, cardboard, and sticks. Turned out okay but was a little too complicated for the kids this year.
2. Gingerbread haunted houses- Huge flop. First I was too lazy to actually make gingerbread and instead used graham crackers. Second, again I was lazy and used store bought frosting which was not a hit at all. Third, I'm not creative in the slightest so the houses looked like plain squares. Fourth, the boys didn't like touching the frosting and cried anytime it was on their hands. Fifth, the candy that they didn't like was just dumped on their house and the candy they did like was eaten. Huge sugar rush that seemed to take days to wear off.
3. Footprint ghosts- Finally a craft that was a hit with the boys. I took black construction paper and laid it on the floor. Next I painted everyones feet with white paint and helped them step onto the paper. After the footprints had dried we cut out the foot shapes and attached wiggly eyes to the heels and had ghosts. They are now hanging in the window.
4. Flying ghosts- Took white squares of linen and place them over small dixie cups. Spray them with starch and shaped them into ghost shapes. Allowed them to dry then attached a string and hung them up in trees. We also added eyes and a nose. This one didn't have alot of child involvement but they did spray the starch on the fabric and stood under the tree making ghost noises afterwards
5. Spiders and spider webs- Took black paper and place it in a shoebox. Coated 4 marbles with white paint and dropped them in the shoebox. The boys than shaked the box for awhile. This was our spider web. For the spiders we took pompoms and glued pipe cleaners to them and wiggly eyes. This was fun although doing the spiders was hard with the boys.

We have a few more crafts to do and I'll add them in as we finish them.

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