Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Curriculum Review Elemental Science

I have officially bought every single one of the science programs she has out.  I love the idea behind the program but not exactly the way it is done. And what I don't like others may love so don't discount this program without really getting into it. If your into following the classical style of homeschooling this is a program for you. If you love sticking to one part of science for the year this is the program for you. If you would prefer to touch upon all parts of science and expand the knowledge every year this is not the program for you. Now I wish I had though this through a few years ago when I first discovered this program but I think the ideal way to use this program would be to buy all aspects to being with and then work all of them into each year expanding yearly if that makes sense.

Preschool/Kindergarten uses Exploring Science. This program has changed some since we first used it. However I loved how it touched upon all the parts of science. A great beginning program for the younger grades.

Biology this is for grades k-2 but she now has an older grades one too. This covered animals, plants, and the human body. To be honest we never made it to the plants so I can't comment on how the program worked for plants. Animals just seemed to take forever. However my kids can still tell you about the animals they learned in this program. We rushed through the human body section quickly as we were running out of time. I wanted my summer off.

Earth Science/Astronomy she lists this as grades 2-3 and again she has one for older grades too. We loved this program. We did everything in this program. We loved it and learned a lot. Overall this has been our favorite one to date.

Physics and Chemistry We will be incorporating this into our science this year. I can't give you a review yet but what I've seen I've liked.

This program involves a lot of writing or as I did I had the kids dictate to me and I wrote for them. There are lab sheets, coloring pages, books, experiments, and two schedules. One a 5 day a week schedule and one a 2 day. This year we are combining physics and chemistry with one day dedicated to physics and one to chemistry along with three days of another type of science.

The cost for this program is really good. Even though I didn't like the program exactly as laid out you can see I still decided to use it again this year. Yes I'll be doing some adjustments to make it work for us but I still think it's a great program.

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