Friday, July 6, 2012

Non Fiction Books

We love reading here in this house. For this post I'm going to talk about some of the nonfiction books we have read or are going to read this year. Nonfiction can sometimes come off as boring it seems but I've been really lucky in finding worth while reading for the boys in the nonfiction category. And to be honest some of these might be fiction but I'm throwing them in here just because.

Children of the Bust Bowl  An excellent book about the time period of John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath. I love GOW as a teenager and didn't feel it was appropriate to read to my kids at this time however this book gives them the feel of Steinbeck's book without the adult content.

Black Potatoes The Story of the Great Irish Famine Another excellent book that gives kids a chance to understand the time period and the trails the people went through. An excellent fiction book to read with this book is Nory Ryan's Song. Also read Journey of Hope after reading this book. It tells of the Irish immigration to America during this trying time.

Kids on Strike Another excellent book on real history. My kids were shocked to hear how their lives could have been if they had grown up during this time period.

We Were There Too A story of about 70 kids who lived through important times of our country.

We Are the Ship An excellent story about the Negro Baseball league. You won't be disappointed.

What the World Eats An excellent book on what others around the world eat and the cost of their food. Along with a glimpse of their daily lives. There is an adult book called Hungry Planet that has more countries and such. Either one is an excellent option.

Through My Eyes Excellent book about a time in our history that really wasn't all that long ago. Another one is The Story of Ruby BridgesThe Forbidden Schoolhouse is a little darker. However if your kids can handle the darkness its another excellent book.

Martin's Big Words An excellent book on Martin Luther King Jr for elementary kids.

Dear Miss Breed A story about the Japanese internment during WWII.

Growing Up in Coal Country

Where Poppies Grow A book on WWI

The Little Ships Another book on WWII. A little dark so skip if your kids aren't ready.

Christmas in the Trenches Excellent book on WWI.

Always Remember Me A book on how one family survived WWII.

Candy Bomber

Amelia Lost

Charles Dickens and the Street Children of London

These are just a few of the books we've read or are on our reading list. I hope you find one you like too.


Lynette said...

May I just say I am loving all of your book suggestions and curriculum posts?? Thank you so much for taking the time to link and write up a little blurb about your book and curriculum choices. You have a wealth of information here and it's extremely helpful for me (I still consider myself a newbie). Thank you, Norah!

Norah said...

I'm glad your finding them helpful. I was worried no one was interested in them.