Sunday, July 1, 2012

Homeschool Change:Science

This has been one of those subjects loved by the boys, despised by me, and just not getting done. In an effort to make school fun our focus this year will be on science. Oh I have many resources to use in this adventure and hopefully science turns out to be loads of fun with learning happening too. Here are a few of the resources we will be using. I'll provide some commentary on them but mainly you'll be getting links because I have not received everything yet to review just from looking at the items.

Elemental Chemistry and Physics mainly for some help getting started and we will probably venture out from things as we find stuff we like.
Textbooks from public school. Mainly to use as a guideline and starting points for other subjects.
Knex Intro to Simple Machines Gears
Knex Intro to Simple Machines Levers and Pulleys
Knex Intro to Simple Machines Wheels, Axels, Incline Planes
Snap Circuits
The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe
Solar System: A Visual Exploration of All Planets, Moons, and other Heavenly Bodies that Orbit Our Sun
Fizz Bubble and Flash
Gizmos and Gadgets
The Usbourne Science Encyclopedia
Nature Log Kids
Read and Found Out Science books
Bird Log Kids
The Nature Connection
Take Along Guides
One Small Square
The Kids book of weather forecasting
Janice VanCleaves' books
Kid's Easy to Create Wildlife Habitats
Awesome Ocean Science
Leap Into Space
The Klutz Guide to the galaxy
Explorabook: A Kids Science museum in a book
The Field Guide to Dinosaurs
Te Field Guide to Polar Animals There are many many more of these books
Acorn Naturalist this is by far one of the coolest catalogs I have ever received. I have to narrow my choices down and place an order soon.
Homeschool Nature Study This is one seriously cool blog. If your the slightest bit interested in getting your kids into nature study you should check out this blog.

I'm not even sure I have everything listed we plan on using this year but this gives you an idea of what are doing. Hopefully I have included something here you haven't seen before and might be able to use in your homeschooling adventure.


Megan said...

Science is one thing that has slipped through the cracks this past year. Well, we did do our science group twice a month but I wanted to do more. I am hoping to do better this year! I am planning on doing zoology because who doesn't like animals??? Your research on curriculum is the best, btw!

Norah said...

Thank you! I've spent hours researching and plotting a way to make homeschooling work another year. We've just struggled so much and yet now the kids are so excited to start school again.