Thursday, July 12, 2012

Utah History New Subject for this Year

Well if Nathan was in public school he's be entering the 4th grade. I can't believe he's that old nor can I believe I have homeschooled this long. I never thought I'd homeschool in the first place nor did I ever think I'd stick it out this long. I have to say it's been an amazing journey.  I have made friends I probably never would have made.  I have upset people along the way because they don't agree with homeschooling. However for us it ha worked so far. And I know the public school is right there if we never need it. I know that they will never turn down a student. Entering 4th grade in public school you learn about Utah history. I hated Utah history both in the 4th and 8th grade. It was boring. What do I remember besides how boring it was? Not much. I know we memorized all the counties but I can't name them all now. We did a field trip to This Is the Place Monument but really the only thing I remember from this field trip is a kid getting really lost and butter on my sandwich the school provided. That's not what I want my kids to remember about Utah History.

This year will be filled with loads of field trips to various areas. One being very important to Nathan is the Price area. Why you may ask? Well two reasons really. It's the actual town his favorite author and book series was based in and many people from the book are buried in the town cemetery. I've promised him a trip there and we will walk the town from JD's eyes. Second the dinosaur's that have been discovered and their museum. He is in love with dinosaurs right now. Other sites on my list include the Natural History Museum, This is the Place Park, state parks, hikes in different areas, the 4 corner area, Daughters of the Pioneer museum, Church history museum, and many more.

I found this book at the Utah Idaho School Supply store. Yes it's for a public school BUT it's full of fun things to learn and do. Trust me this will be handy for a homeschooler. Don't buy from Utah Idaho School though. Order from the publisher at the link. I got both a student workbook and the teacher guide (necessary I believe if only for the links and things to do) for the price of one at Utah supply.

Other books we plan on using:
60 Hikes in 60 Miles
BackYard Birds of Utah If you haven't met this man in person (he owns a bird store in Layton) you must. He is amazing. I swear this will be the year I take him up on his offer to do a homeschool bird walk.
My First Book about Utah
A is For Arches
Utah off the Beaten Path
And loads of odd little books I've picked up at various Utah museums, which by the way are the best for buying really fun books. I can't find many of them anywhere online and while they may be more money at the museum then I usually spend on a book they are treasures. Look around the next time you are at one.

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