Sunday, July 22, 2012


I love this place. It's seriously addicting so I limit my time there. However the ideas I have discovered are too great not to use the boards.

Now if your already using pinterest skip a few paragraphs. this is to explain to someone what it is. Pinterest is like a clipboard to pin things you'd normally bookmark and then forget about or can't find in your bookmarks when you need it. Pinterest can be as simple or as complicated as you want. You can make albums for everything your heart desires and then some. When I first started I had three boards. Cooking, homeschool, and clothes. However I soon discovered I was overwhelmed when going back to look for something so I expanded my albums. I believe I now have close to 50 albums but here is a sampling of how I broke them down. I still have a general cooking album, chicken, beef, breakfast, lunch, dinner, pork, sandwiches, salad, pasta etc. For homeschooling I now have a general homeschool album, homeschool science, language arts, art, math, and history.

You can follow your facebook friends, strangers, or just about anyone who has an account. Several homeschool boards have threads where people post their pinterest page so you can go in and follow them. You can choose to follow just certain albums from someone or all of their albums. Then when you go to pinterest you'll see all the latest things your friends have pinned. If you want to search for some on your own you'll see at the top a place to either do a search or click on various subjects they have listed.

So you may ask what cool things have I found via pinterest. In the interest of keeping this homeschool related I'm going to link to a few fun ideas I have discovered via pinterest.

Teaching Art Headquarters Some fun ideas for teaching art.
Books about Fine Art If you wonder how I found some of those great books I posted about art well here you go.
Map Activities for kids
Lewis and Clark Unit Study
Continent Bags
10 best online Language Arts games for homeschoolers
Math in Children's Literature
Discovery Bottles

Here is a link to me on pinterest. I hope to see you there soon.


Megan said...

I still haven't joined pintrest.....

Anonymous said...

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