Thursday, July 5, 2012

Homeschool Change Other "Arts"

Just a few other books that somehow we will be adding into our studies this year. Not sure how often but I think some of these sound like fun things to learn.

A Child's Introduction to Ballet
Poetry Speaks to Children
Poetry for Young People series
A Child's Introduction to Poetry
Shel Silverstein
20th century children's poetry
Be Glad Your Nose is Your Face
For Laughing Out Loud
Hip Hop Speaks to Children
Knock at a Star
Sing Me a Story
Bravo Brava A Night at the Opera
Show Time!
On Stage
Funny Bones
Lights on Broadway
How Does the Show Go On

Along with attending our local plays. This summer we will be seeing Give My Regards to Broadway, Alice in Wonderland, and One for All and All for one.

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